Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Almost Internet Famous

I've had this idea for a while now to paint faces on abandoned televisions that I see around Brunswick. Last week I went out with a bag of paint, my photographer house mate Jean and her canon DSLR. We found a couple of dumped TV's a short way up our street. I painted, Jean photographed, we went home, the end. 

Two days later my friend Nandi sends me this link: In those couple of days a photo of the TV's I'd painted had amassed 260,465 views and a whole bunch of comments. Some of which made it clear that a few people had missed the joke.

Here the responses I would like to give those people: 

Shawnpeps: "Render them useless for anybody who may want to try and use them?"
Me: I used shitty student acrylic paint. It'll probably wash of the next time it rains. Failing that, scratch it off with your fingernails.

Wurm42: "Dude, I got my last two TVs off the street. Why make it harder for scroungers?"
Me: Dude, why do you need two TV's? Don't be greedy. 

Hootietang: "You ruined them for someone less fortunate. Congratulations thoughtful artist, idiot"  
Me: You're welcome, Napoleon. 

Thanks to everyone else who saw the funny side. I'll make more when I find them.

Stay tuned!

Set Sail 'The Boat Song'

Old news is better than no news at all - right?

Finished work on this cute little music video for Sydney band 'Set Sail' back in early January. This time round I was co-directing with Mike Greaney who is one of the other animators at Oh Yeah Wow. We had a three month deadline from ideation to completion which we somehow met, even though ...the studio flooded three times ...I went back to Queensland over xmas and new years of the band members got deported back to America for not having the correct visa.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

LoopDeLoop - October 'Spooky'

I've finally managed to find time to enter the Loopdeloop animation competition.

I think disabling my Facebook account for a month might have helped with the productivity side of things, but came back to get me when I wanted to annoy all my friends into voting for me.

I just had to make do with some good old fashioned email spamming.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Porter Davis

Animated this little TVC for Victorian home builder, Porter Davis. I never really got into miniature model building as a kid and now I'm even less inclined to do so after animating tiny cows and boats for 6 days straight.

I'm quite happy with how everything turned out in the end, even though a decent chunk of animation had to be cut to keep it under 30 seconds.

Special thanks goes to Tim from Visual Jazz for taking care of all the After Effects work and for buying me fruit, all the other guys at Oh Yeah Wow who put in hours of work building props that were only on screen for a couple of frames and to Darcy for being forced to believe in me because he was in another country.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Music Matters - Eskimo Joe

I animated the stop motion elements for this little clip about Australian band, Eskimo Joe, as part of the Music Matters campaign:

The clip uses a mix of stop motion and flash animation with a bit of rotoscoping thrown in for good measure (my left arm makes a house crushing guest appearance).

All the 2D animation was done by Oh Yeah Wow's resident creative super freak, Jayden Dowler, who was also responsible for sculpting He-Man and Skeletor.

I may have to steal his brains at some point...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Made for China


The head of animation at my old university in Queensland commissioned me to sculpt a replica of the pirate from my graduate film Here Be Treasure. Apparently there's a massive animation college in China that QCA has made friends with and they wanted examples of student work to take overseas as part of a guest lecture from Australia.

Rehashing old models is always a great indication of how far your sculpting ability has progressed
and it's something I really enjoy.

...especially when the university is footing the materials bill.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All India Radio 'Rippled'

Possibly my favourite animation project to date since starting work at Oh Yeah Wow back in October 2010.

Created for Melbourne based instrumental band All India Radio, the clip for Rippled essentially involved running around abandoned warehouses (and a bread factory) waving coloured LED torches in front of expensive cameras for hours on end while trying to avoid nesting pigeons, chromers, overly enthusiastic night photographers and security guards who really couldn't care less.

The process took just over 6 months to complete.

The only part I didn't enjoy so much was standing knee deep in muddy water at two in the morning trying to animate a giant blue cat.